Construction Site Material Tracking With Visual Evidences

Track material at your construction site with OpticVyu Material Tracking tool for better inventory management. Be sure about the delivery & reciept of your material & get rid of theft issues.

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How OpticVyu material traking works

Material Tracking: How it works?

OpticVyu introduces Material Tracking Tool for better inventory management backed up with visual images captured at various control points like

  • Loaded vehicle entry point
  • An empty vehicle leaving a site
  • It's vehicle number
  • Delivery voucher

For data reliability, the lat-long location of captured images are recorded & its distance from the center of the site is calculated & reported in case of any inconsistency.

inventory reporting dashboard

Inventory Reporting Dashboard

You will get various options for creating the most appropriate report that suits your use case. For fetching inventory reports effectively and efficiently, OpticVyu dashboard allows you to create report for

  • Material name & type
  • Material received for the specified time period
  • Material received from a specific vendor
  • Assets or consumable material
  • Expenses
opticvyu construction camera

Integration With Live Streaming Camera

To crosscheck the manually updated entries, a live streaming camera can be connected with Material Tracking dashboard. The camera's inbuilt image processing capabilities help in capturing images with any movement observed at the entry point.

OpticVyu provides a one-month video backup on the cloud for auditing & approval purposes.

Integration of material tracking with live streaming camera helps in

  • Real-time tracking
  • Movement tracking at entry & exit gate
  • Drone images or
  • Ease of documentation

Opticvyu Mobile Application

Mobile Application

The solution is tightly integrated with OpticVyu Construction camera Features & a single OpticVyu mobile application offers all the features of a construction camera & material tracking. The application can be easily operated by any storekeeper to quickly record material entries. However, multiple entries can also be filled using OpticVyu web application.

Features of OpticVyu Material Tracking Tool

  • Project Tracking

  • Capture images for various control points
  • Filtering inventory by material type/data received
  • Embedded lat-long for precise data collection
  • Assess consumable material and assets
  • Reporting

  • Item-wise material reports
  • Material delivered by specific vendor
  • Consumable material or assets report
  • Overall material summary report
  • Admin/User Settings

  • Upload material master
  • Add suppliers list
  • Mobile/web based material receiving
  • Add unlimited users
  • Restrict/Manage users

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